Dieter Wendel
I was born in Wilhelmshaven in 1951. At the age of 39, I started painting. The effects of nature and time, which bring about change, encourage my artistic work. Time and its influences create continuously something new – new colours, new forms. These new structures, in most cases far from being perfect, make me curious. It feels great to show this uniqueness and beauty in my paintings.

The moment the idea, mostly triggered by nature, strikes me characterises my work. While I engage in quiet dialog with myself, there comes eventually the moment I take action. Sometimes weeks pass by. At the moment, I am working primarily with structure paste I apply to the canvas. Applying pigments and mordant to the moist material gives the painting its first colorful highlights. The typical drying cracks  always amaze me. It is a great challenge to me to include these cracks in the following creative process. The use of different materials and their reaction to one another provide for unique, unexpected effects.

At times, my material develops a life of its own!



  • Born in Wilhelmshaven in 1951
  • Participating regularly in seminars and workshops held by artists in Germany
  • Working in the engraving studio in “Künstlerhaus Hooksiel“
  • Since 2008 artistic work in a studio community in Wilhelmshaven
  • 2009 member of gallery association “Sezession Nordwest“
  • 2013 member of “Bund bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Oldenburg (BBK Oldenburg)“
  • 2015 member of the Internet gallery “Kunstraum“ (
  • Participation in the event “Offene ARTEliers“ 2014 and 2016 of BBK Oldenburg

Selection of Exhibitions

Exhibition Dates Location Type
„DW“ 30 September – 19 October 2012 Galerie Kunstwerk Wilhelmshaven Solo
„Aufgerissen“ 31 July – 02 September 2014 Sezession Nordwest Wilhelmshaven Solo
„6 aus 13“ 14 December 2014 – 18 January 2015 BBK Oldenburg Group
„Aufwind“ 19 April – 25 May 2015 Wattenmeer Besucherzentrum
„Bilder“ 11 – 29 January 2016 Bürgerhaus Schortens Solo
„Brandneu“ 07 – 28 July 2016 Sezession Nordwest Wilhelmshaven Group
„Lyrik & Grafik“ 01 December 2016 – 02 January 2017 Sezession Nordwest Wilhelmshaven Group
„Neues aus 16“ 05 January – 28 February 2017 Sparkasse Wilhelmshaven Solo
„Taufrisch“ 17 September – 15 October 2017 Stadtmuseum Oldenburg Group
„Rot Grün“ 03 December 2017 – 18 January 2018 Sezession Nordwest Wilhelmshaven Group


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